Galapagos Islands Spanish Courses

Mini Group Spanish (20 lessons per week) 

Galapagos Islands Spanish School provides small mini-group Spanish classes. We take great pride in the quality of the courses. There are four lessons per day, five days per week. There are six different ability groups. In this way you will be with others also keen to learn at the same level. For many students having others in your class it is an excellent way to stay motivated, to practice what you are learning, and to meet other students.


Classes consist of two hours of mainly grammar based learning. We your teacher will still try to make it fun for you! This is followed by two hours of more conversational, or activity based Spanish. Here you can to put into practice what you have learned. This approach has been extremely effective.


In the conversation/practical classes you can frequently go on trips to town to practice your Spanish in real world situations!

Your group will be very small. There is normally 3-5 persons, with a maximum of only 6!  In this way you will get a lot of attention and your learning needs will be catered for.


Very occasionally minimum numbers per class in your ability group is not reached. In this case your lessons may be replaced with 15 hours of private one-on-one lessons.


Private Lessons (20 lessons per week)

Some students learn better with individual attention. If this suits you then we suggest our private classes. Your teacher will only focus on your needs. In this way you can guarantee that you will learn quickly and efficiently. This is often the option if you are limited on time, if you have specialised Spanish you wish to learn, or just because it suits your learning style best.


Your professor will be following our well proven course syllabus in consultation with you is free to concentrate on any weaknesses you. In this way you can “set the pace.” Your teacher and you will work out the most appropriate ways for you to practice you are learning.

Our teachers are all qualified professionals and with private classes your Spanish will improve quickly.