Galapagos Islands Spanish School Prices

Please add a one-time registration fee of $20 to you course cost.


Galapagos Islands Spanish School Prices for Spanish classes and Spanish programs

Spanish Mini Group (20 hours per week)*
$160 per week
*If you are the only one at your level this may be replaced by 15 hours private lessons


Spanish One on One Private (20 hours per week)
$240 per week: Additional hours at $12 per hour


Spanish & Volunteer (minimum 4 weeks)
Volunteering is free! Please add only the price of accommodation and classes.


Prices Accommodation
(Please note that you have to book a minimum of 4 weeks in advance to guarantee these prices. Last minute bookings may be subject to the on site price, especially in peak season and vacations.



Student Accommodation Dorm: $70 per week


Student Accommodation Shared Room (with one other): $95 per person per week


Students Accommodation Private Room: $170 per week


Hostel: Varies. Normally about $30 per night


Hotel: We are happy to provide you with information so you can book the best 3-5 star hotels available in the Galapagos