Twice a year we are able to offer an intern position. These are in high demand. You need to be very motivated, and wish to learn about the language industry, and have a genuine interest in helping the schools and our students.


Please note that the position is for a MINIMUM of 6 months.  Approximately half of this period is spent interning at our Galapagos Islands Spanish School, and half at Montanita Spanish School on the mainland. These are two very different destinations, and provide you with an excellent variety of experiences.


The general terms of this (it can vary) is 4 hours per day interning at the school. There is also opportunity to attend/lead student activities. You should understand the Language school industry, dealing with language students, is not a 9-5 job! There are times when you will be out and about in evening/weekends, leading/participating in student activities such as wildlife tours, surfing, diving, social activities, BBQ’s etc.


We normally provide our intern with accommodation, Spanish classes and an excellent learning experience within the Language Travel industry.