Learn Spanish on the Galapagos Islands & Scuba Dive

Galapagos Islands are famous for having incredible marine life. And of course the best way to see this is by Diving. Everyone agrees that the Galapagos is one of the best, if not the best, destination to scuba dive in the world. Galapagos islands Spanish School has teamed up with one of the best and most professional Padi Dive centres to be able to offer you both Spanish, and scuba diving.


If you have never dived before, we suggest you take the Padi open water course. This will be done after classes and on weekends. Please indicate on your enrolment form that you wish to do this, and we will arrange on your arrival. You need at least two weeks (including two full weekends) in Galapagos to complete this course.


If you are already an experienced Diver and wish to further your Diving qualifications, there is no where better than Galapagos to do this! This is especially true if you wish to become a Diving professional with the opportunity later to become employed in the Diving industry and work, earn money as you travel the world. Being bi lingual (English and Spanish) is a big benefit to being employed.


The first qualification necessary to become employed in the Scuba Diving industry is Padi Divemaster. We therefore offer the following courses.

The Dive Master course is a 4,5, 7 or 8 week course including full intern training, PADI licenses and up to 60 dives. Learn Spanish and become a dive professional working as a Dive Master!


Divemaster courses

Divemater Course SDM4:
Spanish and Divemaster, 4 weeks. You are already a Padi Rescue Diver, and you have at least 40 logged dives. Includes Padi Divemaster, 40 hours of Spanish, accommodation, up to 20 dives.


Divemaster Course SDM5:
Spanish and Rescue Course to Divemaster, 5 weeks:  You already have Advanced Padi Open Water (AOW) and a minimum of 20 logged dives. Includes Rescue Course, Padi Divemaster, 40 hours of Spanish, accommodation, up to 40 dives.


Divemaster Course SDM7:
Spanish and AOW to Divemaster, 7 weeks:  You already have Padi Open Water (OW) and a minimum of 10 logged dives. Includes Padi Divemaster, 60 hours of Spanish, accommodation, up to 50 dives..


Divemaster Course SDM8:
Spanish and OW to Divemaster, 8 weeks:  You come with no qualifications.  Includes Padi Divemaster, 80 hours of Spanish, accommodation, 60 dives and interning experience at the Dive Centre..