Learning Spanish & Volunteering Galapagos Islands

spanish and volunteeringFor many, having the opportunity to study Spanish on the Galapagos islands and volunteering is a highlight. New projects come up all the time, and other projects are seasonal. So it is best to contact us to find out what options are available during your time with us. Please note that it is our policy that Galapagos islands Spanish school receives NO income or money from student volunteering. We believe that volunteering should not be profit making.  We are often stunned at the costs some overseas organization place on students when they volunteer. We guarantee you that the volunteering will be either free, or price that the actual volunteering organization running the project on the Galapagos charges for costs. Galapagos Islands Spanish school will never receive money/profit from volunteering.



Volunteering at the Galapagos Islands requires some special procedures. You need to book your program with at least 3 months in advance.  You need to obtain a volunteer visa at Ecuadorian consulate in your country. This Visa is valid for 12 months, which means that you can stay and volunteer in Ecuador for yup to 12 months. We will help you with all the information you need. You need to volunteer for at least 1-3 months depending ont eh rpgoram. You need to have a good level of Spanish, so we recommend that you take classes at our school before, and during your volunteering period.


Below is a list of some of the typical volunteering options available.


Teaching and Teaching Assistant Volunteering.

We have two different local schools where you can either teach, or help a local teacher. Normally this is for half a day (approx 3 hours). The schools are for children of the community. They are government schools and have limited finance. Both are within 20 minutes of our Galapagos Islands Spanish School. The schools aims are ‘ to develop children with critic and scientific skills, by enhancing their imagination capacity and their abilities; so they can develop positively in the society.


The ‘Teacher’s aid’ helps the English teacher for all grades, making didactic material, reading books to the children, helping in the music, physical culture class, English lessons. As a volunteer you can rotate grades each week, and therefore come into contact with many children. This program a minimum of three months. This is a very rewarding position, which volunteers love!


Hospital Volunteering.

This is small local hospital, that deals with many different patients. The aim of the hospital is ‘to assure a fundamental attention in health to all the patients who attend the operative unit. To continue offering efficient and high-quality service. And to participate in educational conferences related to health and the prevention of sexual transmitted diseases’.  As a volunteer you will be able to help with taking vital signs of patients and also preparing the material to be displayed at the doctor’s office and in the emergency area. This program is a minimum of two months.




Habitat Restoration

The main aim of this program is ‘to develop a technique for restoring the native species in the highlands of the San Cristóbal Island’

The native forests in Galápagos are limited due to farming activities and the introduction of useful but very invasive species like cinchona, cedar and blackberry.  The program has developed a plant Conservation Center designed for the production of native plant species.  Community involvement is a key issue, and the station along with the local farmers develops clean agriculture techniques to produce fruits and vegetable and sell them to the local schools, hotels, restaurants.  As a volunteer you will be involved in activities such as reforestation, habitat restoration, and organic agriculture. You will also help with environmental education within the local schools as well as station maintenance and development. 

The project receives technical support from the Charles Darwin Scientific Station (CDSS). . One day on the week, the technical staff of the CDSS will give a presentation to volunteers about the importance of the project.


Please remember that this type of work is physical and that you will be working outdoors. This program is a minimum of one month (two weeks Spanish classes, and two weeks volunteering.


Volunteering with Wildlife and wildlife studies

volunteering with wildlifeThrough the famous Charles Darwin Centre we are often asked by their scientists to provide volunteers for wildlife studies. For example, this can involve been places on a remote island to study the life style, breeding patterns etc of an amazing and very rare animal. We normally know about these projects one month in advance.  Please inquire if such a project is available during your stay.