‘Must see’ Galapagos

The following is a list of the 5 ‘must sees’ in the Galapagos islands. They are not in any particular order….We welcome you input to other ‘must sees’!



1. Bartolome island – the Best location for Penguins & Moonscapes


galapagos must seeThis makes our list as it’s a cheap day tour from Puerto Auyora, and offers you the rare chance to swim after frisky penguins, take in what is often considered the best panoramic vista (view) and take in the view of a lunar-like landscape, all in the space of one day. It is easy to see why Bartolome is the most photographed location in the entire Galapagos archipelago. From the summit there stunning view of two beautiful bays. You can observe fascinating formations of lava flows and spatter cones. Many have called this island "an open Geology textbook". The nearby beach offer excellent snorkeling with a huge variety of fish. A short wander to the other side of the isthmus fins you observing reef sharks sunning themselves in the shallows, only a few meters from shore.

Picture postcard perfect (although not beautiful in conventional terms) Bartolome is a 'must see' for anyone travelling to the Galapagos islands.


2. Punta Espinosa – the Best location for wildlife spotting

Punta Espinosa is located on the western extremity of the Galapagos islands, on Isla Fernandina. This is very hard to get to, and not many tours go here. Yet it offers the most amazing example of inter species co-existence. Beware, and watch your step as everywhere you turn there are groups of animals casually sunning, wandering around or swimming. In one spot, truly what Galapagos is famous for.


3. Tagus Cove  – the Best Cheap one day excursion!

Tagus Cove is located on Isabela Island. Just a cheap excursion from the islands main town of  Puerto Villamill takes you to this natural harbor where centuries ago whalers and pirates left their ship's names painted or carved on the rocks. A walk uphill takes you around Darwin's Crater salt-water lake for a superb view. A dinghy ride along the shoreline will reveal penguins, flightless cormorants, boobies, pelicans and Sally Light foot crabs. And… this is an amazing snorkeling destination… What a way to experience Galapagos for only about $20!



4. Lonesome George – the Best free excursion

Really this should read the Charles Darwin centre, which is a must and free to visit! Lonesome Gorge is the star attraction here, and deserves a spot all to himself! He is nearly 100-year-old tortoise and has been declared the rarest creature on earth and is a beloved attraction on Galapagos. Lonesome George is the last species of his kind. In July of 2009 Lonesome George unexpectedly mated with a female of a different subspecies. This created a fury of excitement that the tortoise may not be lonely for too much longer! Their eggs are now being monitored by researchers and are described as being in perfect condition. However it is still unclear if the eggs are fertile. The Charles Darwin centre also has much to offer, is free to enter, and just a few minutes walk from the main town of Puerto Ayora. It is easy to see why this is one of our ‘must sees’!


5. Espanola island – the Best location for Boobies and Beaches


galapagos must see 2Espanola island is literally teeming with blue footed boobies, and also sea lions sunning on pure white beaches. Yes, you can see the famous boobies in many other parts of Galapagos, but here they seem to be everywhere and in fact directly on your walking paths. It’s up to you to move, they wont! Seeing them this close, and this easily is worth the ‘must see’ list.